Wishgard LLC says delays in lease payments to Ashtabula County landowners are due to title – not capital – issues

Pennsylvania-based Wishgard LLC said that “old oil and gas leases that were not signed, real estate agents or ultimately the landowners for not taking care of their title” are to blame for the company’s request to several Ashtabula County landowners for an extension on payments due for their oil and gas leases, The Star Beacon reports. Dismissing speculation that a shortage of capital is preventing the payments, Wishgard LLC President Kip Tygard said that his company is “experiencing an 85 percent ‘failing initial title’ rate” in Ashtabula County, which is responsible for the delay and is costing his company – not the landowners – tens of thousands of dollars in title work per customer, the article said. For more, read the full story.