Three oil and gas bills were discussed in a House committee meeting on Tuesday

Three bills that haven’t received much attention since being introduced in the spring before the Ohio General Assembly were discussed at length during a meeting of the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee on Tuesday, Hannah reports (See the Jul 27, 2012, blog – "'Truth in Leasing' bill expected to get a hearing later this year"). The Truth in Leasing Act (H.B. 493), which covers fracturing fluid disclosure requirements, minimum royalty rates, contamination notification requirements, well location requirements, landman regulations and groundwater testing requirements, was discussed along with both H.B. 537 (which aims to grant political subdivisions the authority to regulate oil and gas wells and production operations, and establish setback requirements for wells and other equipment), and H.B. 528 (which would provide monthly oil and gas production statements to lessors and establish audit requirements). For more, read the legislative analyses for H.B. 537, H.B. 493 and H.B. 528.