Target Logistics lands a $30 million contract to provide dormitory-style housing and supervision for North Dakota's oil and gas workers

The demand for housing to accommodate the influx of oil and gas workers at booming shale plays across the United States is well known by now, as are the myriad safety and sanitation issues that have arisen from the makeshift and company-owned "man camps" that have been built as a result (See our July 4, 2013, blog post for more information). Now Target Logistics, a Boston-based builder and operator of dormitory-style housing, recently announced an almost $30 million contract with an unnamed energy company "to provide lodging for hundreds of oil-field workers in North Dakota over the next three years," The Wall Street Journal reports. Like dormitories, the facilities constructed by this company "not only house and feed the employees, but also monitor their activities during off hours." Workers generally accept the strict policies, which include zero tolerance for alcohol and overnight guests – including spouses, because the price of housing otherwise is incredibly high due to the influx, the article said. For more, read the full story.