Schramm Inc. sees future in oil industry

To capitalize on the spike in domestic energy development, Schramm Inc. is constructing complex new oil and gas drilling rigs that “take fewer truckloads to transport [to well sites] and then can move on their own power among tightly spaced well sites,” according to a FuelFix article.  As the article describes it, “[o]nce at a drill site, [the rig] can stand itself up — self-erecting like a Transformer without the need for a separate crane — and then maneuver among well sites, walking on hydraulic feet that carry its 300-ton mass 30 feet per hour in any direction.”  With two such rigs having been purchased, the 114-year old company views this the new drilling rigs as “our future,” said Schramm Vice President Fred Slack. For more, read the full story.