Pennsylvania uses its impact fee to fund conservation projects and environmental protection measures

In February 2012, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett signed into law an impact fee for wells drilled in the state (See the Feb 15, 2012, blog – “Pennsylvania shale well impact fee becomes law”). After generating more than $204 million in revenue in 2012 – the majority of which were distributed to “local governments where drilling is taking place” – about $14 million of revenue is being funneled into the Commonwealth Financing Authority’s Act 13 Marcellus Legacy Fund to “support conservation projects and environmental protection measures,” according to a press release from the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development. Eligible funding projects include “abandoned mine drainage, abatement and treatment, watershed restoration and protection, water quality data, greenways, trails and recreation, and orphan and abandoned well plugging programs in the state.” For more, read the full press release.