Oil development in Ohio moves into the midstream phase

As the first phase of oil development – known as the “upstream" segment and consisting of securing leases and drilling wells – moves into full swing in Ohio, the second phase – known as “midstream” operations and consisting of constructing pipelines to transport and facilities to process the oil and gas – are now under way, CantonRep.com reports. While several projects are being considered for the area, three midstream projects are currently on the books in Ohio with a total value of more than $1.5 billion: a Chesapeake Energy subsidiary and an EnerVest company are working on a $900 million project to process natural gas liquids with a new cryogenic processing facility near Kensington; MarkWest Energy Partners and the Energy and Minerals Group plan to work with Gulfport Energy Corp. to construct gas-gathering pipelines and compression stations in the state, including processing centers in Harrison and Noble counties; and NiSource and Hilcorp Energy Co. announced a joint venture that will construct "50 miles of pipeline in Northeastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania, and a cryogenic processing center in Ohio," the article said. For more, read the full story here.