Ohio landfills can accept solidified drilling waste

Although Ohio landfills are prohibited from accepting bulk liquid wastes under current law, a three-page advisory issued by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency on September 18, 2012, that included “major input from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources” said that due to the increased volumes of incoming solid wastes generated from the drilling process, landfill owners should be aware that such wastes can be accepted so long as they are “solidified either on site and sent to the landfill or at the landfill itself,” Akron Beacon Journal reports. The liquid drilling waste known as brine is still required to be either “stored below ground in Ohio’s 179 injection wells or spread on roads as deicer,” but the article notes that three Ohio landfills have “filed paperwork for new solidification facilities” since the memo’s release and that four other Ohio landfills already have solidification facilities. For more, read the full story and the Ohio EPA's advisory.