New Matamoras residents defend GreenHunter Water's proposed Wheeling wastewater processing facility

Some residents that live near GreenHunter Water's New Matamoras wastewater recycling site are standing up for the company after its plan to construct another such facility in Wheeling was met with significant opposition, The Intelligencer reports (See our May 23, 2013, blog – "Proposed wastewater processing facility in Wheeling, WV, would encourage re-use"). Opponents are concerned about water supply contamination because the wastewater storage facility would be located a mile north of the Wheeling Water Plant. They are also concerned about the potential for spills when brine water is shipped by truck back to drilling sites, solid waste is taken to a landfill outside Parkersburg, and lightly radioactive liquid water is transported by barge for disposal at one of several deep injection wells. Supporters of the project maintain that when the company came to New Matamoras, it was forthcoming with its intentions and open with the community, and that it continues to be a good steward of the land. For more, read the full story.