Natural gas could fuel the rise of combined heat and power (CHP) systems

Experts at a gas industry forum hosted by the West Virginia University College of Law last week said that "outdated policies and anti-competitive regulations" are hindering the potential growth of combined heat and power (CHP) systems, Coshocton Tribune reports. CHP, or cogeneration, systems produce electricity by capturing and reusing the heat that is usually wasted by traditional coal-fired power plants. About 80 percent of these systems in the United States are powered by natural gas, but the process only accounts for nine percent of U.S. power generation, the article said. Because prisons, colleges and other institutions "that produce electricity using coal- or oil-fired boilers and heat using separate systems" will soon have to comply with new clean air regulations, Ohio and the U.S. Department of Energy are "conducting a pilot project with CHP," the article said. For more, read the full story.

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