Marietta residents look to Dickinson, North Dakota, for predictions about their own shale boom

The Marietta Times recently interviewed a former Washington County-area resident who last year moved to Dickinson, North Dakota, to discuss how that area is handling the shale boom and what Marietta can expect (See the Feb 04, 2013, blog – “The Bakken Formation is not North Dakota’s first oil and gas boom”). Dickinson has no bonded debt; an unemployment rate of 1.5 percent; and, since 2010, a population increase of more than 5,000 and a budget increase of more than $50 million. The drawbacks include majorly insufficient housing for the influx of workers and their families, and skyrocketing rental rates as a result, as well as a strain on the resources of area service providers and the need to schedule routine appointments far in advance. For more, read the full story.