Landowner group says Pennsylvania's "Guaranteed Minimum Royalty Act" takes away landowner rights by allowing forced pooling

Although Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett and the General Assembly insist the "Guaranteed Minimum Royalty Act" (S.B. 259) signed into law in July "provides enhanced transparency to owners of oil and gas interests by requiring, at a minimum, that certain information which pertains to the payment for oil or gas production be disclosed on a royalty check stub or other means," the North American Royalty Owners–Pennsylvania group regards it differently, Farm & Dairy reports (See our July 11, 2013, blog post – "Pennsylvania legislators work to help royalty owners who feel short-changed by gas companies"). In a written statement, the group said items added to the bill take away "the rights of landowners by forcing them to be added to a pool of landowners and giving the leaseholder the right to force landowners into drilling." For more, read the full story.