H.B. 59's radioactive drilling waste proposal will likely be separated from the budget and considered this fall

Legislation introduced as part of Gov. Kasich's proposed budget, H.B. 59, that would tighten regulations regarding disposal of low-level radioactive wastes from natural gas drilling "will likely be stripped from the budget and handled as part of a more comprehensive revision of the state's landfill laws due this fall," Ohio Rep. Dave Hall (R-Millersburg), chairman of the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee, said Thursday, according to the Gongwer Ohio Report (See the Feb 15, 2013, blog – "Ohio agencies propose legislation regulating radioactive drilling wastes"). While the Ohio Oil and Gas Association insists that the proposed regulations are unnecessary, environmentalists decry them for being too lax. Rep. Hall, who anticipates the issue will become more pressing as more companies adopt methods for recycling wastewater, said radioactive drilling waste "would be more appropriately addressed in the context of a much broader review of landfills" expected to occur with the Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee after summer recess, the article said.