Drillers who use the EPA-ordered “green completion” process to purify natural gas could save millions

Natural gas operators traditionally have vented or burned off a well’s initial production to clear out impurities before tying the well to a pipeline. Now a new process known as “green completion,” which filters out hydraulic fracturing fluids, drilling debris and sand, is being employed by more operators because the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency passed rules this year requiring drillers to use the process nationwide by 2015, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports. EPA regulations that became effective on October 15 prevent drillers from venting the gas into the atmosphere without burning, and with the new green completion requirement – which exempts "exploratory wells unconnected to pipelines" – the agency says these measures will save drillers “up to $19 million a year” through the capture and sale of natural gas that would otherwise be wasted, the article said. For more, read the full story.

National, Pennsylvania