American Energy Corp. requests disclosure of leases in trade-name dispute with American Energy Partners

Coal company American Energy Corp. (AEC) has filed a brief in a trade-name and trademark infringement case in Ohio, contending that a hydraulic fracturing company with a similar name should be compelled to produce oil and gas leases it has with landowners, according to Mealey’s Fracking Report. In a filing in American Energy Corp. v. American Energy Partners, S.D. Ohio No. 13-00886, AEC claims the leases held by American Energy Partners (AEP) “are directly relevant to the issue of whether there can be (or is) confusion as to a false affiliation between plaintiff and defendants.” Mealey’s reports that AEC filed suit against AEP, an oil and gas developer, in August 2013 in the Belmont County Court of Common Pleas, arguing that AEP should be barred from using the American Energy Partners name because it would cause “a likelihood of confusion as to affiliation, connection or association with” AEC. American Energy Partners removed the case to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio.

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