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Five companies’ innovations are transforming U.S. fracking

New software and hardware products from five lesser-known technology developers are cutting costs and gaining efficiency for hydraulic fracturing pressure pumping units, the Journal of Petroleum Technology reports. Evolution Well Services “uses 100% natural gas-burning turbine generators to feed its custom-designed hydraulic fracturing pumps,” saving $1 million to $1.5 million monthly in fuel costs over diesel, while reducing the number of people needed to complete each well, according to the article. KCF Technologies “has developed vibration sensors that attach to several components of a pumping unit,” which when coupled with a centralized monitoring center, “has resulted in an 80% reduction in unplanned downtime due to machine failures.” An automated control system built by EKU Powerdrives “shuts down a pumping unit whenever it is not needed to pump. . . . resulting in a 90% reduction of idle running time” and extending the life of the unit. IOT-eq developed a field communications system “to move large volumes of data” that can be used to assess equipment fatigue or rapidly assess stage performance. A multipurpose power system developed by MGB Oilfield Solutions “enables companies to decouple tractor-trailers with the pressure pumps, while providing several other support functions,” reducing “the spread’s headcount and footprint on a pad by up to 35%.” For more, read the full article.


Opinion: Ohio’s natural gas and oil energy production “essential to modern life”

The oil and natural gas produced in Ohio does more than fill our vehicle fuel tanks and heat our homes, “as nearly every consumer product we touch is manufactured using these raw materials,” interim executive director of Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program Greg Mason writes in an opinion piece for Some of those products include hand sanitizer, advanced medical equipment, medicine and bandages, Mason says. Additionally, he says, “America’s surge in energy production has created generational benefits for Ohioans.” A ban on hydraulic fracking would eliminate 700,000 Ohio jobs over five years and shrink our economy by $245 billion, according to analysis from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Rising energy costs could increase cost-of-living expenses by $6,000 annually. For more, read the full article.


Force majeure provisions: Dusting off a law school exam topic for the COVID-19 pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic increasingly causes business disruption across the United States and the world, the issue of force majeure will become increasingly relevant. On a near daily basis, national, state and local governments are implementing stringent containment policies. States of emergency have been declared, schools and institutions of higher education closed, travel restrictions imposed, businesses shuttered, sporting events cancelled, large gatherings banned and worship services cancelled. While the long term effects of the pandemic are yet unknown, it is certain that these containment strategies will present unique challenges as businesses struggle to adapt to the new realities presented by COVID-19, including the ability to comply with various contractual obligations. In evaluating the range of options available to deal with performance under a contract amidst the uncertainty, parties should consider how the concept of force majeure will impact their rights, obligations and remedies. For more, read the full story.

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