Ohio Attorney General completes investigation of leasing tactics of oil and gas landmen

On June 21, 2011, Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine issued a press release upon completion of an investigation into allegedly fraudulent leasing tactics by oil and gas landmen in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  The investigation began after state legislators wrote a letter to the Ohio Attorney General regarding a document found near Yellow Springs that allegedly provided "instructions" on how to deceive landowners into entering into oil and gas leases.   As explained in a response to the legislators, the Ohio Attorney General's Office proved unable to determine the author of the "instructions" or whether the document was used in conjunction with leasing activities in the area, despite making several visits to Yellow Springs, and interviewing local landowners, law enforcement personnel and oil and gas company representatives.   However, Attorney General Dewine committed to working on a web page offering tips to landowners considering entering into oil and gas leases.