Two Ohio companies launch Shale Recycling LLC to treat oil and gas drill bit cuttings with microbes

Since receiving the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) first and only approval to process oil and gas drill bit cuttings in April, Columbus-based Ohio Soil Recycling expanded its clientele to include oil and gas drillers, Crain's Cleveland Business reports. Ohio Soil Recycling currently "uses bacteria and other microorganisms to consume petroleum and other contaminants from soil" around leaking storage tanks and brownfield sites. The company teamed up with Cleveland-based Environmental Management Specialists to form Shale Recycling LLC, which "won't treat or work with some of the radioactive waste that can come later in the drilling process, but will take drill cuttings from the vertical sections of new shale wells." The company plans to open two new soil cleaning facilities that are closer to the heart of the Utica shale play than Ohio Soil Recycling's Columbus location, the article said. For more, read the full story.